Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Dissertation lecture 29/09/2008

Dissertation lecture 29/09/2008

abstract is a statement of intent.

Due 20th Oct

4 weeks from today - PDF file

Diss deadline 24th march (5months)

It should be objective. Not opinion based. You have to prove something (to yourself at least)

Ask questions. Don't put too much. Intentions. You want to end up after a few tutorials with a sound plan.

Come up with an area of interest that has relevance to your chosen practice. Something you're interested.

Development. Either personal or professional development.

For final presentation you can use anything you want:

Website, bound book, something interactive, use portfolio, photobook, visual notebook.

Written content still has to be handed in

Get publicity on your dissertation!!!!

It would be good (but not necessary) to include your own work

Make extensive notes on the research!

Final printed draft due on 9th feb 2009

Bibliography is at the back of dissertation.

Gregory Crewdson

Philip Lorca decorson

Geoff Wall