Tuesday, 21 October 2008

21st Oct Val L PM

21st Oct Val L PM

Word to image

Case study - 2000 words
Oral presentation

Things to consider:

E.g. Identification
Word play/use of language
Ideas (foregrounding, defamiliarisation)

What do you know about the poet/writer/artist?

How does this affect your response to the poem/song/story? (if at all)

Can you identify any underlying theme or meaning that might be drawn
from the text?

How might this affect the way you illustrate it?


A case study is specific
An essay is a small body of work.
A dissertation is bringing your research out.

Dissertation has chapters. Essay doesn't have all that.

Avoid footnotes. Footnotes don't fit in. So what are they used for?
Steer clear. Use the harvard system, then you won't need footnotes.

Key words when researching. Write in own words. Practice.

Only use quotations sparingly and in a balanced way. They can't be
marked as your own words.

Temporary suspension critical judgement

Get the Sh*t out!

First paragraph and ending needs to grab attention. Leave them with

Leave the introduction and conclusion until last!

"you can't introduce someone you that you don't know" James. Quote of
the day!

The essay should be written in a logical order. Not from top to
bottom. Don't work in a straight line. Work in more than one direction.

Tip: work in sperate sections and write in chunks.

Write a plan. Planning is essential so it doesn't get wooly. The plan
doesn't have to be hugely detailed.

Start making a plan.

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