Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday evening group sesh


Monday evening – Group (Me, Hels, Faz, Brian)

Citizen photography – the difference between amateur photographers and professionals is very subtle. Photographers have to produce the best possible quality in order to justify a great difference in pay.

Eg. An Accountant can make 30 grand a year extra on top of his full-time job just on istock photo

There is a level of ignorance that the public have. What causes this? Is this caused by the level of secrecy that photographers have? Is this changing now?

Consequences of digitisation –

There's a huge difference to fashion. No difference in time to Landscapes.

It has speeded up.

There is an expectation from the consumer/public to charge less because film isn't being used.

Compare how film and digital photographers charge, and how they used to charge for things.

There is a potential for photographers to earn less (and do more work) due to digitalisation.

Control over our images. Why have photographers taken on all the extra digital work. Is photography more precious than it used to be?

We have to find an extra mile of quality. Are we getting this extra quality by having full control over our images. We have reclaimed the processing treatment of our images.

Why are we stopping to use labs?



We (togs) have effectively lost control of the process.

Have we gained or lost control?

Film photography is our own unique ball game now! The public have dumped film for digital.

When using film now, there is more consideration. There are lots of little reasons why shooting on film is more considered than digital.

We treat film photographs as more precious because we've put more work in.





Scrutiny of photographers rights

Orphan works legislation

Legislation has not yet passed in the US.

Photographers rights is an ongoing thing. Model releases are

Software allowing greater image control

Workflow has been speeded up

You have much more creative control


We have the opportunity to make a photograph into an illustration or a graphic.

What is the implication for over manipulation?

These were debates during the 18th century

Henry Peach Robinson – Debates during the pictorial movement (1860's 1870's maybe even 80's)

When does a photograph stop being a photograph?

Some of the debates are very new to photography, but some are as old as the practice itself.

Photography is screen based rather than print based

We don't see prints!

The style of images that have more 'thumbnail impact' are graphical images.

People run away with technology. They get giddy, and run with it.

"Painting is dead" The print is dead?

How do these technologies differ from precious photography practice?

50's movie industry

Box Brownie


Nick Knight

Paulo Reversi – shoots 10*8 Polaroid – Italian vogue

The internet

How is all of what we've talked about relevant to me?

How the internet affects culture. Is culture affecting the internet, or is the internet affecting culture?

I think it is a bit of both.

Set up an email group between the 4 of us, and share ideas out. Ask for help.

Abstract due next week.

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